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Winter 2018 Journals are available now

Featuring a diverse range of journal sizes and papers and delicate details


We hand craft beautifully functional journals to inspire the story out of you.

We believe in the power of telling your story. Your story is the alchemy that transforms people, influences change, and shapes history. But each story has a birthplace, whether that story includes words or sketches on a page. 

From the very first journal, Ink+Honey has been built on the belief that the best tools should nurture your creativity and create the space for you to showcase the journey to your best work.

We are proud to support artists, creatives, writers, scientists, musicians, travelers, movers and shakers, and all that value their story--whether or not it's been discovered yet. Our best journals are packed and we're ready to start this journey with you, the only question we have is simple:

What will you ink?


Read our story.



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