Our Story

Abigail Wennerstrom of Ink+Honey

Ink+Honey started on the wooden hand-me-down desk of a curly haired college girl in Murfreesboro, Tennessee surrounded by torn up vintage books, paper scraps, and a whole hell of a lot of 'how-to' books.

Abigail Wennerstrom is the hands behind Ink+Honey. Being both a writer and an artist, she struggled to find a journal that could meet many diverse needs in a single book, so she started teaching herself bookbinding in college and has spent years gaining skill. She especially enjoys repurposing vintage book covers to create Ink+Honey journals because she has a nerdy love for literature and believes the past can inspire the future. 

When she isn't binding books, you can find her sipping lemon drop martinis with her husband, writing poetry, reading, or tearing up the dance floor. 


Our Philosophy


We believe in the power of telling your story. Your story is the alchemy that transforms people, influences change, and shapes history. But each story has a birthplace, whether that story includes words or sketches on a page. 

The birthplace is found in the struggle of starting, the try-one-more-time, the scratch it out and do it again—your process.

Ink+Honey specializes in creating unique artisanal journals for writers, artists, creatives, and all who treasure the process of putting pen to paper, because we believe in the value of your story and we’re committed to aiding your journey. Our only question for you is a simple one:

What will you ink?

Ink and Honey journals


Our Process


Check out the beautifully shot video below by Trent and Morgan Swartzentruber to gain a behind the scenes look at our process.