Ink+Honey & Shelby Foldy Collaboration

In collaboration with local watercolor artist, Shelby Foldy, Ink+Honey is proud to release a new book style, the ‘Pocketbook.’ These exquisitely small pocketbooks measure 5.5in by 3.5in, precisely proportioned to travel well, but not impede artistic expression. The inaugural series is entitled, “Tender Fog,” meant to invoke the pause and wonder of encountering natural beauty that merits awe and contemplation.

We believe that beauty should work in kinship with functionality. We believe that beauty inspires us to create more beauty and that it's always worth pausing for. So whether you travel across oceans or across town, whether you pen a masterpiece or a grocery list thought out with care, do small things with great beauty.


Abigail & Shelby



Read the artist interview with Shelby Foldy

"Being a newlywed, I have been inspired by the simple things in life. I never would have thought creating grocery lists, budgets, and home to-do lists would be so enjoyable! The little things in life have become the most enjoyable moments. Abbye and I wanted to make notebook where you can enjoy writing all the little, yet wonderful things in life down."

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