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Each piece of paper used yields 4 pages, thus if you request 100 pages, we use about 25 folded pieces of paper. Please give us your answer in pages. Please be aware that based on paper choices, all books over 125 pages may require a leather closure and will be left up to the maker's discretion.
Do you already know what paper you want? Let us know! If not, thats okay, we can make recommendations based on your project. Please select all that apply.
If you selected more than one paper option, please note what quantity you would like of each paper, keeping in mind all quantities must be in multiples of 4 (ie, 12, 16, 20, 24). If this field is left blank, we will happily determine this for you!
Extras are our bread and butter. This is our short list of favorite additions, but feel free to dream outside the box! Check all that interest you.
We love to make bookmarks from the spines of the books we use (when we can!) and we would love to offer you the one created from your journal first! (Sometimes the size of the spine does not allow for a bookmark to be made, and we will make you aware of that!)
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Due Date
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